Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mulitiplying Legos

Legos are everywhere! I have been in the Legos Trance, churning out the blocks, until last night when I hit the wall and could not do one more stitch. You can see that my blocks are growing so fast that they no longer fit my design wall. I have only four blocks left, then I can sew the blocks together. It'll be 60"x80" when done. I am debating whether or not to put a solid border (thin) between the main Legos and the border Legos. That would give the eyes a break, but do I want an eye-break or don't I? Must decide soon.

this row is on the bench as I ran out of room on the wall

I've managed to do a bit of other sewing, too. I made this small wall hanging and installed it above the fireplace. You can see, if you look carefully, that I have my mantle filled with manger scenes. One set glows in the dark! I have a larger set that is on another cabinet top.

These are blocks I made for the December lotto (Sunshine). I wanted to make more and make at least one paper pieced block, but I ran out of time and paper-piecing-inspiration. I can't force it... paper-piecing-inspiration only comes along on its own terms.

We had a fun Christmas party at quilt guild this week. I won a door prize which was a beautiful table runner. I neglected to take a picture of it! I gave it to my daughter, and she seemed to like it.

Today I'm hoping to get some housework done. My least favorite chore, but it's gotta be done!

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the housework. I'd rather sweep my garage. But I like the lopok of the Legos. What a lot of work! I can't wait to see whether you choose an eye-break for it or not.