Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Getting Ready

Lately I have been concentrating on Bazaar sewing. Usually I like to concentrate on Bizarre sewing, but I haven't had time for that. Our bazaar (boutique) will take place on Wed. this week, so I'll soon be back to sewing what and when I want. Hooray!

I finished this table runner. I actually started it a couple years ago and let it sit. I wasn't sure how it would finish, being this odd shape, but I decided to just go for it, and it turned out fine.

This is a prayer shawl that I hurried up and finished today. Our church participates in an active prayer shawl ministry, and they have completely run out of their supply. I finished this but sort of wish I had kept knitting, to make the shawl a tad larger. But, they put out a plea for shawls, so I finished it quickly. Maybe it will go to someone smaller than I am (most people ARE smaller than I am) and then it will fit better. I should start right in on another one.. maybe the "traditional" pattern this time. You know what pattern I used for this blue one? I made that dish cloth pattern that is knitted on the slant.. so this is a very large, half dish cloth that a person can wear. I hope wearing this doesn't make the recipient feel like a dish rag. haha! (Carol, please be serious. ... oh, OK, I apologize for my flippant attitude.) Health, happiness and warmth to the person who receives this shawl! (That's better.)


Anonymous said...

I love the table runner and I don't think it's an odd shape. It adds interest and you planned the squares so well. I like the prayer shawl, too. Beautiful knittin.

AnnieO said...

The table runner is so nice! I like the checkerboard and the on point setting. Maybe you'll get back to Bizarre sewing soon :) The shawl looks warm and cozy. I'm sure someone will love to wrap up in it. There are lots more short ladies around than we taller gals!

Sextant said...

Of course I am a guy and have no conception of what you are talking about here, but I did like that fancy red stitch in photo 3. Nice!