Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's Too Hot!

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the blazing colors of changing leaves, and I love the cool, crisp air. Something has been wrong this year. It hasn't been cool and crisp! We've had highs in the 80's! Whoever heard of 85 degrees in October??

A lot of people love this warm weather, but not I. I am eager for the cool fall temps to arrive. I hope they do. I'd hate to go from hot directly to winter! Already we are past the peak colors and leaves are falling fast. I haven't been out to take pictures because it has been too hot! Sad, but true.

one of the few fall pictures I have taken this year

I'm working on various sewing projects. Trying to get more done for our church bazaar. I have a lot more made this year than I have for many years, but I want to have lots more! We're trying to expand our boutique, and I hope we do that AND get more customers in to buy our wares. This is a non-traditional (scrappy) table runner that I finished last night.

Today at church a woman who knew me way back in the old days gave me a church bulletin that is 50 years old! I was 8 years old, almost 9. My dad was the minister. I recognize several of the names listed in the announcements of meetings and events. They're all listed by "Mrs.," of course. Mrs. John Smith will be in charge of the such-and-such meeting. Weird. It was fun to look at that old bulletin and remember being 8 years old in that church. I may have even folded that bulletin 50 years ago! We used to fold them by hand at the dining room table every Saturday.


Sextant said...

That is really cool getting the old church bulletin that you may have folded! Your right the temps this fall have not been all that cool. I like cool weather all year round. Not a beach person.

Jo said...

I loved seeing the old church bulletin. Goodness!

And yes, I have a friend who lives in Iowa, and it's hot there now too. What's going on?

JeannetteLS said...

What fun to see something like that, from your childhood. I love your runner, by the way.

Tomorrow is supposed to be up around 80 and, well, I like summer for about a month--July. That's enough for me. But now I want a nice, LONG stretch of those crisp days of the season, while there are leaves to change, while the sky can be that clear that ONLY an autumn sky can offer.

Oh, well. Jo, I have no CLUE what's going on! Gee. Could it be that global upsets are, like, NOT a myth or a progressive socialist plot?

Well, at least it isn't supposed to last too long.

goodnightgram said...

Gosh, 1961 doesn't seem like that long ago until you add the "50 years ago" part. Where did the time go? Great to see the old bulletin.