Monday, October 17, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

He's gone! Our son moved away today... he's off to L.A. and a new life. (He's in the air right now as I write.) We are so happy for him, and excited, and proud. And also sad. We're going to miss him. I was surprised when hubby came into my sewing room today, weeping. It was still a few hours away from waving-goodbye-time at the airport.

In this picture hubby is trying not to cry. He gave son a hug and said "I love you" which I haven't heard him say since son was a little boy. Everyone needs to hear that now and then. I loved it.

I cried, too, of course. No big surprise there.

Son wanted to hurry and get through security and get going, while we were feeling weepy and wanting to hold on.... it reminded us of dropping off our daughter at college. She was our first child to go, and she was thrilled and excited to be doing so. She bounced around, so happy, and wanting to get back to meeting new friends, while we stood weeping in the parking lot. Such is the lot of parents as life takes us on its journey.

a friend who came to see Son at home, in his last two minutes of packing and running out the door

Godspeed, dear Son! We know you will have a blast and will make the most of your successes and your mistakes. We can't wait to hear about your new journey. Love forever!


JeannetteLS said...

And this is how the young men my age looked, when they went off to start lives, back in the late sixties and seventies! It made me think of some friends back then.

It's so hard, and yet what it says is you've done your job well. Your children have the sense of roots, confidence, to leave and go off to find their own ways.

Ain't life a kicker? Our job is to do a good enough job for them so that they will fly away. But clearly there's a world of love all around your family--so they'll fly home again, too...which only means you ALL did a wonderful job.

I remember it too well.I'm glad you have each other. A good cry makes absolute sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I got a lump in my throat just reading your post and looking at Charles trying to hold back the tears. What stopped me from crying was son's T-shirt . . . and yours! All the best to your son!

Beth said...

He looks good Carol...he looks at peace!

AnnieO said...

L.A. is a very big place, and far away from you two, but he will find his way, and certainly enjoy the winter weather a bunch! I'm hoping my kids always stay nearby, it would be hard and definitely cause weeping. Our youngest is in AZ at college and we miss her lots.

Pattilou said...

It's always a bittersweet time when sending your children off. Even now when they come to visit, I find myself a bit teary for the "olden times". But a new adventure for him and he looks excited to be on his way. Love that we can keep in touch in more ways than in those "olden days".

Nanci said...

Oh Carol....I was getting weepy too, knowing how you felt! Good luck to him in his endeavours.
think of can fly too!

Sextant said...

Three cheers to hubby for telling your son "I love you." Unfortunately Carol you get no extra credit for the 137 times you told your son you loved him before he left...but hubby gets a gold medal!

What the hell is it with us men that we can not tell our sons of our love, and why, in my case, do we have to be so shabby with doling it out? I find myself often wishing I had a daughter that could be daddy's little girl. She would be spoiled rotten. Not so with the son. I need to do some Soul work in that department. But again tell hubby he has my deepest admiration.

As for you woman, you have my deepest empathy because I know your heart is broken with both motherly love of parting with your son and yet the pride knowing that he is doing something with his life. This is one of life's kinder cruelties. Bittersweet indeed!

Good luck to your son!