Saturday, October 02, 2010

It's a Girl!

me at the Twins game.. with grandma-like blue hair and all

Great news! I'm sort of a grandma... but not really. I get to be excited, though! I'll probably never even meet my "granddaughter" in person. But I'm still excited!!

I don't want to intrude on anyone's privacy, so this is the story without specifics. About ten years ago I found, through an organization, a young woman who had just started college and to whom I was asked to send Care Packages. I love doing that, so I sent one. She was very grateful, which was fun, so I sent more. I kept it up during her whole four years of college.

Then she went to graduate school, so I sent more. What grad student doesn't want a Care Package every now and then?

She obtained a master's degree, got a great job, got married, and last Thursday she had a baby girl!!! (The same day I attended the Twins game.) We have never met in person, but we have kept in loose contact. Today I got an e-mailed photo of the super cute baby, so I'm sort of claiming to be a grandma, even though I'm not. Yes, the baby already has a quilt I made.

I'm just thinking... if I ever really get to be a grandma, my grandchild will be spoiled with quilts! Hey, could be worse!


Sweet P said...

What a wonderful story and congrats "grandma". Go Twins! Since my Red Sox are out of it, I can root for my home town team now.

BrendaLou said...

Carol, sometime I'm going to have to go to a Twins game...SF is too far to drive for a game when I'm at home (and I'm not a Giants fan). As a kid I went to many Dodgers games. My brother Pat played for the Angels for awhile. Baseball is my fav. game. You look great, btw!

I am excited for you for your 'granddaughter." We've sponsored children through World Vision for 36 years. I love doing it and sending letters & trinkets. Only problem with that is that at some point it ends and there is no way to keep in touch with your particular child. How special that you are able to keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Carol! What a fabulous story with a happy new addition. I don't see any blue hair, though!

Kim said...

Hey Grandma you look terrific.....and a new baby can never get too much loving even from adopted Grandmas..
Ha my DIL already told me my 2 year granddaughter has too many quilts........well too bad cause there are plenty more on the way :0)!

Happy Sewing, and never say never you may get to meet this little baby one day and send her care packages at school too.

Pattilou said...

Sometimes the best relatives AREN'T related by blood! eeh eeh eeh :>) Great story and thanks for sharing.

Nettie said...

What a touching story. You do so much good in the world. Thank you.

Hey Carol, I don't have a current email address for you... could you contact me @

Be well. Happy Grandmadom! :-)