Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Scary Halloween Adventure

As you can see, we went all out on the Halloween decorations.

This creature's hand suddenly came up from the inside of this chair! It was all creepy and wiggly and very scary! Someone stabbed it with a stick, and it stopped moving.

Then there were these two very frightening Church Ladies. They tried to push candy and cookies and sticks dipped in chocolate on us, but you just never know what might really be inside those things. One can never be too careful.

I spent my Halloween afternoon watching the Vikings football game (scary enough right there) while knitting a sock. The sock is for this one-legged monster that I know.......

And the evening just got worse as monsters and ghosts and baseball players rang our doorbell and demanded that we hand over candy. Luckily, we had plenty of candy on hand, and they even liked it. Whew! I'm glad I survived.. it was really a horrific day and night. It didn't stop 'til we turned off all the lights, including our electric jack-o-lantern. Weird.


Anonymous said...

That sock is really coming along! Looks great!

Pattilou said...

I want one of those "I don't do costumes" tee shirts! That would have suited me just fine in all those Halloween Parades I endured as a teacher--now I've got hubby trained--he answers the door and loves the trick or treaters! I sew in the other room--boy am I spoiled!!! Halloween--I think you either love it or hate it--there's no middle ground on this one!