Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Plays With Fabric

I've been having a lot of fun playing with fabric. Lately I have been making crumb blocks (scrap blocks) by the zillion. I have even noticed the smallest dent in my scrap bins. (If you don't already know this, scraps multiply overnight, so to see a dent in the supply is quite miraculous.)

I am working on blue scraps with yellow slashes.. just free piecing and free slashing, and it's fun to work with no rules. This is what I have so far. I'm not sure how it will finish itself. It has not yet communicated its final design to my brain. I'm willing to be patient.

Then I have this green and red one in the works. This is a pattern I saw on the internet about ten years ago. I made it once, but not with crumb blocks. What do you think? I rather like it.

In other news, FIL came home from the hospital two days earlier than predicted, and is like a little boy with a new lease on life. He hopped and skipped through the grocery store aisles saying with a smile "they told me to get exercise!" Amazing. It must feel great to come back to good health after being on death's doorstep.

I'm thankful for:
1) seeing the joy of living in my FIL and extended family
2) gorgeous, glorious, amazing fall colors against beautiful blue skies
3) husband who knows how to cheer me up
4) friends whose company cheers me up
5) sewing quilts for the sheer fun and joy of creating


Nancy said...

Both of your projects are lovely, but I really like the red and green one.

BrendaLou said...

I like the red and green quilt (what color are you going to put in the negative spaces?

BUT the blue and yellow one knocks my socks off because.....well, l LOVE blue and yellow! Also I like the slash idea. I'll have to try it myself.

Happy to hear about FIL...Life IS good.

AnnieO said...

I really like the way you contain your crumbs into regular shape blocks. It makes it easier to enjoy all the colors.

Good news for your FIL, I agree he must have incredible lightness and joy at recovering energy!

Pattilou said...

Such a happy entry today. So glad your FIL is doing so well. I do love your quilt beginnings! Fun to see progress from little bits of fabric. Love the slashing idea and also the red/green. Can't wait to see your finishes on those.

Elaine Adair said...

These ar both absolutely wonderful - and especially nice that you are 'playing' - making it up as you go along! I love them both!

08armydoc said...

I Luuuuurrrvvvv the blue and yellow! I may have to copy that! When I'm done with my crazy rotation - nothing like working 60hr in 4 days to destroy your quilting time.... But I'll stash your blue/yellow slashers away to play with next week