Sunday, August 22, 2010

Working Overtime

goldenrod -- the harbinger of autumn and the return to school and work

Usually at this time of year I am scrambling to get summer things done and getting ready to go back to school. If I hadn't retired, this would be my last week of freedom.

Now is the time that I am realizing I really retired. I have not received the dreaded "Hi! It's time to come back to work" letter. I'm rather enjoying the lack of stress I feel. Although I will miss the students, I definitely am not missing the dread of heading back to pressures and stress.

I have decided that I can call myself a full time quilter. Lately I have been working on quilts most of every day. And I've done lots more this weekend, so I guess you could say I've been working overtime.

Today I managed to sandwich three quilts. Worked on quilting one and then realized I had made a rather large mistake and had to rip out a lot of the quilting. That was a good opportunity to sit down and watch a Netflix movie while I ripped. Hubby watched with me, which was fun. (Movie was so-so.)

There is still time left in the evening, so I'm headed back to the sewing room to get caught up on those sandwiched quilts. Gotta fill up the big box I brought home from church so I can mail these quilts to Wrap-a-Smile!


Pattilou said...
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Pattilou said...

My only daughter's birthday is in August and with that, I remember trying to get ready for a new school year and celebrate her birthday--lots of stress in those first days of school and before--Isn't a September that comes now, that I don't think about those days and wouldn't go back even if I could! Happy retirement! Yes, you'll miss the kids--but that too, fades--anyhow it did for me. Yesterday, school started here and somehow I missed the line of cars that we see from the kitchen window at 7:26 for the high school. Funny, as we drove by the school later, I had to ask my hubby if school had started. Oh, how soon we forget!