Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The First 35 Years

35 years ago today Charles and I got married! It was a hot, muggy day, but I didn't even notice, because I was having so much fun. I was not nervous at all, just happy and enjoying the presence of all our relatives and friends for the joyous event.

us as newlyweds, happy and in love

us now - happier and more in love (who knew?)

I never dreamed that the years would fly by so quickly. At the time, 35 years later was more than a lifetime away. We didn't know our kids yet, we didn't know what jobs we would end up doing, and we didn't know where we would settle down and make our permanent home.

our fabulous kids

our fabulous daughter-in-law

All those were surprises to come, and they have all been wonderful surprises! Best of all, Charles has been my rock of patience, gentleness, forgiveness, humor, wisdom, and my best friend alongside me through all the surprises.

our home

In our next 35 years, I expect the happiness to continue. Charles and I will both be 93 years old, and that no longer seems like more than a lifetime away. We'll be there before we know it. Check back with me then, and I'll tell you all about our second 35 years!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 35 years. That's wonderful. I loved the photos you shared! I wish you many more happy years together.


AnnieO said...

Happy Anniversary! 93, huh? Okay, hope I'm around to help you mark that next 35 years :)

Julie Sharer said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you! I hope you DO make it another 35, and that I'm around to send you another email for that occasion (or wherever technology will have brought us by then). Love ya!

Pattilou said...

Congratulations on the milestone of the happiness you've shared through the 35 years. Loved the peek into your lives. Isn't it funny, anyway for me I never really thought about what we'd be like now and to even know how much two people could still be in love.

Unknown said...

What a lovely way you have with words! I love this little romantic story of 35 years of love!

Sweet P said...

Belated Happy Anniversary! Here's to 35 more years!