Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thoughts on My Kindle

Here are my observations on my Kindle. I love it! It is so much fun to have ten or more books at my fingertips, all weighing less than one book. I have had a blast carrying it around and using it whenever and wherever I want... and when I hear about a good book, I click right in and order it. (That part is TOO easy. After all, it does cost money, which adds up.) Oh.. and the Kindle will hold 1,000 or more books. I just happen to have about ten loaded in right now.

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For those people who say they would miss the feel of a real book and turning pages, so far I agree, sort of. I miss that, too. But I knew the experience would be different than a real book, so I was prepared for it. I purchased a book holder at my sister's book store. It fits well and feels a little more bookish, for those times I want that feel.

My final vote: the benefits outweigh the things that I miss. Of course I still have the option, as always, to read real books, which I intend to keep doing. At least until I work through the gigantic pile of real books which are on shelves all over my house, waiting for my attention. In ten years, when I get those all read, maybe I'll read only from my Kindle. Time will tell. Until then, I'm enjoying having both options.

Tonight I finished an "M" book for my A-Z challenge: My One Hundred Adventures by Polly Horvath. Apparently this is a children's book! Last week I found an old list I had scribbled of books I wanted to read. I don't remember when I wrote the list or where I heard of these books. I just found the list and thought I'd check the Kindle store.. three of the four books were there, so I splurged. The "M" book was one of them. I didn't remember it was a children's book, or why I wanted to read it.. I just plunged right in and started reading.

What a great book!! It's told through the eyes of a 12-year-old, precocious girl. She is very wise and funny and totally loveable. The story is fun, entertaining, surprising, and deep! I kept wanting to read parts of it aloud to someone, anyone.. but hubby doesn't like me to read blurbs from my books, so I was stuck highlighting passages (i.e., learning how to highlight passages on the Kindle. I'ts really quite easy).

Here is what I highlighted -- wise thoughts from the main character:
"All our lives are mundane but all our lives are also poetry."

[Nellie is a church lady who is exploring mystical ways of healing.. this is what the girl, Jane, says of Nellie] -- "Nellie has no interest in me. She is too busy chasing the divine. How can a person, if she is so evolved, ignore a simple request from someone really in need?"

And here is a wise thing said by Jane's mother:
"We all belong here equally.... just by being born onto the earth we are accepted and the earth supports us."

Beautiful, n'est-ce pas???


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Beth said...

sounds like a good book...but the 12 yr old seems to be very wise! I am thinking Kindle...not sure!

True Blue Nana said...

I adore my Kindle. When I read your post the other day I immediately went to Amazon and downloaded the book you mentioned. I got a cover too and it really helps with that "book" feel. It is so easy to take with you. My daughter commutes into Chicago on the train and she takes it with her and reads for an hour.