Friday, August 20, 2010

Ran Across a Few Quilts

I've been trying to clean/organize my sewing room, while also getting things further along the path toward done. In the process I have run across a few quilts. Hahaha! This is almost funny... I have unearthed over 15 tops that are waiting for borders and about 8 that are all set and ready to be quilted.

I found some 9-inch squares that were in a pile, so I quickly sewed them together without over-thinking their placement. So that one got added to the "just waiting for a border" pile.

It's endless.
emptying the blue-scraps drawer

My goal is to drastically reduce the size of my stash, finish all my UFOs and projects that are in the dream stage, and from then on be more sensible about how I take on quilting projects.

I wonder how many years it will take me to get to that organized stage that is now just a dream!?


Pattilou said...

Funny! I was going through my stash yesterday asking some of the same questions. From a shoebox of strings, I made one 54 x 72 top to send to Heartstrings and I've half a top done and still the box looks like I've not even touched it. Those 3 yard pieces--with other fabrics how far will they go???? Too far for my comfort! I'm thinking after I get some black at JoAnn's this weekend (on sale), if I can't figure out a way to make it work from my stash I'm putting it on Freecycle! Did that a month ago and it didn't even dent! So we have a party and use up the stash and then have a Sunnies Bash!

AnnieO said...

The stashbusting is a neverending cycle, I fear!

There was a quote in the newspaper yesterday that might apply to this post: "A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at."--Bruce Lee.

I like it!

Nanci said...

I'm not one for keeping teeny tiny pieces of stash...too much trouble for this old brain.
I can't imagine having that many tops not finished. I seem to work one at a time...maybe that's why I get bogged down with my work!
I like the quilt is so fresh looking.

Brittainy Barnes said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. I'm currently in the process of sewing my first quilt (by myself...first one ever was with my grandma when I was 12 years old!)

I hope you follow me back, I would LOVE some feedback on my progress!


woolywoman said...

Wait, whats wrong with the current system? I like having more that one thing going, and I like having tops that are ready to be quilted hanging around. It makes me happy. I do wish I didn't pile thing on my cutting table, though, and I will start working on that. Don't get so strict that its not fun!