Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A "V" Book at the Lake

We went to the lake for a few days with Son and DIL. Had a great time, and the weather was gorgeous. The oppressive humidity finally went away, and it was downright cool.. almost cold. I loved it!

We went swimming the first day, and it was so refreshing and wonderful. After that it was a little too chilly for a swim. But reading on the deck under a quilt was fabulous. It is such a relaxing place! We all read books, relaxed, played Scrabble, took naps.. a perfect vacation.

It was really nice having Son and DIL along. They are such nice people! Son baked home-made bread twice! Yum! And the last day was Hubby's birthday so we had blueberry muffins in his honor.

I finished my "V" book - The Vagrants by Yiyun Li. There are a lot of unhappy characters in this book, and a lot of unhappy events occur. Despite that, it was a good read and very interesting story. It takes place in China in 1979 amidst political unrest and political crackdowns. I am reminded how valuable that First Amendment is that we enjoy: freedom of speech.


Anonymous said...

Wow! you are really making your way through the ABCs! I love the photo of you reading outside. What a perfect setting! Goodnightgram

AnnieO said...

That's a very relaxing type of vacation, Carol! Glad it worked out so well and a good, peaceful and easy time was had by all. Your book list is growing ever shorter.

Sweet P said...

I miss going to the lake in MN. It just isn't the same trip here. You look very relaxed and happy in the photo. Retirement is good for you.

Elaine Adair said...

Hey, I recently did my own version of that - especially the book and quilt and a cool early evening. My, my, those times come too far and few between, don't they? How pleasant it looks, and how relaxed you are. 8-))