Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Report

And now for your weekend edition of Carol's news:
(are you excited yet?)

I did some reading, some sewing, and some hauling of logs. Just the usual stuff.

I made this top. It's my mish-mash boy quilt. I really wish I'd had more of a plan in mind. I just built it from the middle out without a real design in mind, as you can see. If I had the real desire, I would change a couple of things, but now that it's all put together, NEVER MIND!

My "should get done soon" projects are still waiting. As usual, I went with starting a random, new thing (the above) instead of the projects that are waiting with deadlines, some long past. Oh, the joys of ADD-quilting!

What is "hauling logs" all about? Well, just that. A couple years ago a tree in our back yard fell in a storm. We had a guy come out and cut it into logs, and then we did nothing. The logs have been sitting. And sitting. We do keep the back pretty wild, but this was looking ridiculous.

So, yesterday's aerobic exercise was to haul logs into a big pile in our side yard. Now we have a concentrated mess in the side. Did I accomplish anything? Not sure. But I got my heart pumping and used some muscles that were lying dormant.

Look! It's spring! (sneeze) Hand over the Claritan, please! (sniff, sniff) And some Kleenex while you're at it!


Nanci said...

I love it! It is definitely a male type quilt. It's hard for me to do anything male. But this is certainly an idea of what to do. Now, I must buy blues, greys and see if I can create!
It's spring...we all get the "go do it" feeling. thank goodness it doesn't last!

Jill said...

love those colors together, carol!

AnnieO said...

I'm not sure what you'd change, as it is so interesting and striking just as it is, Carol. Great work starting from random.

Moving around outdoors is good for you, no matter the lack of large progress, I guess!