Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sewing Weekend

a HeartStrings quilt

Except for Friday night, I stayed inside almost all weekend! It was rainy and not so pleasant, which made for perfect sewing weather. (Friday night we had a delicious dinner out with Charles' parents.)

I got a lot done but don't have many pictures to show my progress. The above picture is just a top, but I did get it quilted. All it needs now is the binding, which I might even get done tonight.

There has been a block lotto blog going for years, and I did not know about it. I just discovered it today. I put the button on my sidebar. I made blocks for the April lotto right away. They are doing Wonky Shoo Fly blocks for April. I love ShooFly, and I love wonky, so I was excited to find this group. I think they are working on wonky every month in 2010. Not sure, but I'm still new, so we'll see.

I also worked on some crumb blocks, started creating a new crumb blocks setting (I like to shake it up so they don't bore me to death), worked a bit more on my A-Z bean bags, and I also did a little knitting while I watched the movie "Heart of the Game."

Have you seen "Heart of the Game?" I loved it! You can get it from Netflix.

Monday is right around the corner! How can this be??


woolywoman said...

mmm stringy goodness! I love looking at this!

June Dodge said...

The border on your quilt is really cute - the strings are so bold - really like it.

I've been in the Block Lotto for this year - it's been a fun monthly challenge for me. You obviously have more experience with actually finishing quilts - for me it was a big deal to get the sewing machine out and find my rulers, scissors and thread! It took me hours to do one block in January! But now with the practice I'm much faster and comfortable with putting the blocks together. It's a fun little project to do each month, I'm glad I found it. I'm sure it will be fun for you too.

: )

Cathie said...

I love the red shoofly on the lilac print. Bold!