Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Summary

I've been sewing! I thought I was feeling burned out, but all I had to do was sit down and start, and I was right back into the groove. I had a blast sewing over the last several days!

I finished some placemats; this whole chunk of stuff will be going to a silent auction to benefit the Twin Cities Women's Choir. My DIL sings in this choir. I am looking forward to their next concert in early May, when items will be silent-auction-ized. This is a really good cookbook which I have used for years (this actual one is new, of course). There's a quilted pot holder, a knitted dish cloth, and the four quilted placemats. I'm curious.. would you bid on an item like this?

This is a quick and simple boy quilt I made. This white fabric with the soccer motif is veerrrryy soft. I hope some little boy will love the softness of his "blankie." It'll be going to Wrap a Smile.

Over in my sidebar you will see a button for Craft Hope. Every few months Craft Hope comes up with a project in which we all participate as we are able. The current project is to make bean bags for LOEP (Liberian Orphans Education Project). The bean bags are to have the alphabet or numbers on them. Kids will use them to learn letters and numbers. I am having so much fun making these! They're turning into more putzy work than I had anticipated, but I'm loving it. I hope the kids have a blast with these! So far I have the green and the yellow "bags" done. I still have the red and the blue to finish. I can't wait to show you the final product when they're all done!

Today at church we celebrated creativity. People brought in items that show things they've made or how they express themselves creatively. What a show! People have made some beautiful things! I lovelovelove the blanket on the left, on the altar. It is gorgeous! It is "Swedish weaving" which I'd never heard of before. She does it all by hand. Wowzers!

The altar flowers are from one person's garden. There were photographs, books, geneaology reports, cards, jewelry, quilts, a rug, a trunk, and a home-made guitar! What fun! It's fun to realize all the talent that people at our church possess.

One other thing I finally accomplished was to finish reading my G book. I added it to my A-Z challenge list in my sidebar. It wasn't that (G)reat, so it took me a while to work through it. I'm ready to find a spell-binder.

As for work, I'll be right back with my nose to the grindstone too early tomorrow morning. But the good news is: I have 39 work days left! Wheee!


Brenda said...

that's a fun prize package! I use a much older version of that cookbook -- it was the one I learned to cook with in college, and now it's part of a triology with Extending the Table and Simply in Season. I like what you're doing with the beanbags too, and good for your church for celebrating the creative spirit. I hope you brought something to share too.

woolywoman said...

I would definitely bid on that! In fact, I'm going over to Amazon to check out that cookbook right now. How wonderful that your church had a celebration of creativity- how nice!

Anonymous said...

What great photos and what beautiful projects. When I visit your blog for a peek, I always feel uplifted - by the photos and by what's going on in your life. Thanks for sharing.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

I am always inspired by your creations! Love the tropical colors of the placemats and the alpha bean bags are neat.

Sharon said...

I think your placemats combo is a great idea....and very pretty! I'd bid on it!

Your beanbags look like fun for someone learning their numbers and letters. What a neat idea.

How great that your church celebrated creativity. I hope you shared something too.