Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Break: The End

Here is a wall hanging, made from leftovers, that I finally finished. Actually, it was done quite a while ago; I may have posted a photo, but I can't remember. I finally finished tacking down the hanging sleeve, so now it's 100% done. This will soon be winging its way to a veterans' home in New England. It matches my own living room pretty well, but it was already promised to the other, so off it goes.

I bought a copy of "Knitting for Peace" and am having fun reading through it and finding easy patterns as well as places to donate knitted stuff. I also ordered a copy of "Quilting for Peace" which should arrive in my mailbox any day now. Can't wait to see it!

daughter is knitting socks; she is a much better knitter than I will ever be

Spring break was restful, busy, fun, a little hard (something I haven't talked about publicly), mostly good, and I am very sad to see it come to an end. Monday morning I'll be back with my nose to the grindstone.


Mary said...

I recently saw the knitting for peace book and it is very nice. I love that Heartstrings is in Quilting for Peace.

quiltmom said...

I have also enjoyed the spring break but it has been very full of things to get done. I hope that whatever challenges you are dealing with, you find yourself surrounded with the support and love of family and friends to help you on your journey. Sometimes we think that we are alone when we are not. Reach out - you are well loved and a special person to others.
Wishing a good beginning to the final leg of the school year.
Warmest regards,