Thursday, October 02, 2008


Aren't cousins great? In my adult years I've had a lot of fun getting re-acquainted with cousins on both sides. Here is a small contingent of cousins on my mom's side. We get together once a year and always have a great time. This year it was a smaller than usual group. That's my mom in the chair with two bum feet -- one with a broken bone, and one with a tendon problem that is awaiting surgery.

I'm writing this while watching the VP debate. Uffda... it's hard to watch without sort of distracting myself. Won't you all be happy when the election has come and gone and all the campaigning dies down??


Nancy said...

I too really enjoy my cousins on my mothers side. We meet at the beach in the summer with our families and always enjoy each other.

Darcie said...

Poor Mom. Glad you all got together and that she could join in on all of the fun and laughter.

Enjoy your weekend. I bet St. Paul's colors looks amazing about now.

Andrea said...

Cousins are great! I have gotten re-acquainted with some of mine through blogging. Hooray! Have a great week-end Carol.