Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 Books and 2 Girls

Here is a book that I highly recommend: The Faith Club by Idliby, Oliver, and Warner. It's excellent! Easy to read, and a lot of food for thought. Three women of different faiths got together and over a period of years talked over their beliefs, their stereotypes, their misunderstandings, and found their common ground, plus friendship. In the process they also all three strengthened their own faith. It's a great step toward understanding each other and learning to see the dignity in all faiths and their followers... something we desperately need in today's world.

Here is another great book! I bought Bonnie's book! I have not had a chance to read it yet, but it looks great. I have loved everything Bonnie does on her web site, and this book is an extension of her wonderful work we've all enjoyed for years.

These are two girls who go to my church. One appears to be feeling very shy. I guess I was tormenting them with my camera. I have to learn to be a nicer camera lady.


Beth said...

Oh my! I agree with every thing you just said! On of those girls is gonna be.... oh she will laugh!

Andrea said...

I just got the notice from the library that the Faith Club was ready for me to pick up....I'll tell you what I think when I'm done! Thanks for the recommendations.

Mary said...

Thanks for the recommendation - I just ordered the Faith Club and my copy of Bonnie's book came last week!