Friday, May 09, 2008

Where Did Time Go?

Wow, this week just flew by! I'm shocked (and quite delighted) that it is already Friday evening! Wheeee! A whole weekend to look forward to.

We started off the weekend just right by having dinner with our daughter. Do you think little Daughter can eat this whole rack of ribs?? I took this picture just to tease; she shared this large plateful of food with her ol' Pa.

We briefly visited at Son's house. His roommate has this little dog that RUNS to visitors and is so hyper-excited, that she is usually just a blur - impossible to photograph. It was a shock that the dog calmed down enough to get these pictures of her sitting still. She actually seemed to be posing. This was the first time Daughter and I have been able to hold her and just have a calm little greeting.

Look at this: evidence that it is really spring here in Minnesota! I just love these little violets that pop up in yards. When I was a kid I used to wish we could plant a whole garden full of them. Technically, I suppose, in the middle of a yard they are considered "weeds," but they sure are pretty!

A group of us from my church will go to Rosebud Reservation this coming summer. I designed our T-shirts, and picked them up today. I must say I am quite pleased with how they turned out. We had them done for a bargain price at a local high school that has a graphic arts production room. They did a super job on these shirts. I should have paid extra!

And here is my nod to quilting: recently I got back into the mood to make postcards, and came up with these two not-very-exciting-but-fun-to-make examples.


Darcie said...

I don't think that anything that cute can or should be considered a matter where it pops up! (We've got snow/rain here today...ew!)

Enjoy your Springtime weather, Carol!

Malagueta said...

I really like the postcard idea--and the checkerboard on the top one makes it pop! Super-cute dog :)

Beth said...

I love those T-shirts! I can't wait! That puppy is so adorable..I use to be a big dog lover only but have changed my thinking! Have a nice weekend...Happy Mom's Day!