Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!

Yesterday I had a lazy day. It was rainy and dreary (and cold) here, which didn't help the energy level. I did a little cleaning/organizing, a little sewing, a little staring into space.

Surprisingly, I did manage to start and complete an entire quilt, from design to binding, all in one lazy day! Here it is.

Oh... it only measures 8" x 10" which is why I could get it done in one day. And, to be honest, it isn't completely done. The flower and the clothespins that fell to the ground are not yet attached.

Have a fun Mother's Day! I am going to see Daughter today (Son is studying for finals) and probably have another somewhat lazy day. Perfect!


dot said...

This is such a cute little quilt. You made it and designed in one day. WOW!!!!

Darcie said...

What a darling design and finish!!! I like the clothes pins on the ground...thought they were meant to be there!

Happy Mother's Day/Evening to you, Carol!

paula, the quilter said...

Such a precious little quilt. I love that size ever since I did the "Journal Quilt" project one year at IQF in Houston.