Friday, May 02, 2008

Letting Time Pass Me By

I totally forgot that I was supposed to do the book drawing on May 1st! That is, I couldn't believe that it was already May 1 in the calendar and I thought it was quite some time into the future. So... today is May 2nd, and I just did the drawing for the free book, and .... the winner is......... Jeanne! She is getting a nice book with a very happy note from Ann Zemke written on the front page. Happy reading, Jeanne! Send me your address, and I'll get it right off to you.

The above photo is just a random moon shot I took a year or two ago.


BrendaLou said...

Carol---where did you get the "freeway" sign that says "Giraffe Dreams"?
Cool BrendaLou

Carol E. said...

I got my highway sign at imagechef dot com.

Malagueta said...

I love the sand wash video!! Too cool.