Monday, May 26, 2008

God's Laughter

Have you ever heard that saying, that flowers are God's way of laughing? I'm enjoying God's laughter these days. I don't have an award-winning yard by any means (unless it's the "ugliest yard on the block" award). But I do have a few flowering gems here and there which I will share with you today.

Here is the first iris to bloom in my yard! The first two, actually. Yesterday I had one blossom, and today I have two! I got these extras from a co-worker and planted them last year. (I know, I planted them way too close together.) I'm thrilled that one stalk, at least, is blooming.

Then I have some "stuff" around the edge of our yard. Our side and back yards are wild and woodsy. At some point, though, whoever owned this land apparently thought it should start to be domesticated, and planted these honeysuckle and lilac bushes. They struggle along, trying to get enough sun among the shade of the trees, and do pretty well for living here in the wild territory!

This is the extent of my garden. It's about all I can handle. I do NOT have natural gardening instincts. In August I will post another picture so you can see how these flowers grow and spread. They usually fill the barrel.

Here's my garden #2. I like 'em small!

This is supposed to be a hanging plant, but it's so huge and heavy. The spot where we have a hook is exactly where people's heads happen by when they come to our front door. I didn't want visitors getting klunked in the head, so the plant sits here on a small chair. Isn't it luscious?

And finally, the last of the flowers... these "lovely" volunteers. I bet some of my readers have these pretty little gifts in your yard, too! Hahahaha (is that God I hear laughing?)


Shannon said...

Hi! The colorful hanging basket (the one that was a wee bit too big and now resides in a chair - I had to do a similar thing with one of my spider plants), please tell me what kind of flowers they are. They are beautiful!

Carol E. said...

If any of you have the same question that Shannon asked: at first I didn't know the answer. I purchased it from a high school band fundraiser. I like to pick their "featured flower" basket because it's usually beautiful and is sold at a special price. I didn't even pay attention to what it was, but I found this on their website:

Red Supertunia set off with yellow and orange Calibrachoa - 12" convertible hanging basket

And while you're at it, pop on over to Shannon's blog and give her a thumbs up for the BIG event she is about to experience.

Elaine Adair said...

OMgosh! Lovely lovely flowers - everywhere, but the mass at the front door is delicious!

brendalou said...

Carol, your last picture is of "da prettiest flors for MaMa." according to my 3 year old granddaughter. She ran all over the back yard yesterday at twilight trying to find them---they'd closed up for the night!

Tracey in CT said...

Your yard certainly looks better than mine does!! We have so many pines and oaks that almost nothing grows in yard. If it weren't for the moss and the dandelions, you'd just be seeind dirt and pine needles.

Beth said...

I am glad others have dandelions... We have the ugliest yard in the neighborhood! We try hard but just make sure we mow! I love the one by your door! Bootiful!