Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Parents, a Baby, and James

Look at these gorgeous irises! Guess "who" they are.... they are the parents of the one flowering stalk that I have in my yard. Maybe some day I'll have a large swath of purple spreading across my yard, too, so that I can spare this many to take to the office! Ooooh lala, the thought makes me smile.

And here is a sweet baby... taking a nap under a little fleece blankie that will eventually make its way to Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Shhhh! Don't wake up the baby! (Just now when I wrote that, I remembered that my daughter as a toddler used to say this: "shhh! baby ky-ing!" Meaning, "shhh, baby is sleeping!" Isn't that cute??)

Do you like James Taylor? I have always loved him! He burst upon the scene when I was in college, and I instantly loved his music. Today I bought myself this CD:

Hey, I heard James has a son who has a CD out... and is as good as (better than?) his dad!! Way cool!


Caron said...

The first boy I ever loved was a huge JT fan. Still can't think of one and not the other.

Mary said...

Love James Taylor too - I have a greatest hits CD and his October Road CD too.