Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Solo Vacation

My family owned a lake lot and then a shack and then a "cabin" which is really a house. Now my sister owns it. Her family is large and still growing, so it's hard for me to find time to squeeze in and visit the place. Last week I had the place all to myself for eight glorious days! What a treat! Husband was supposed to join me mid-week, but he decided he had too much work to do and the quiet at home was beneficial for him. The quiet for me at the cabin was heavenly.

I did a lot of sewing, reading, relaxing, swimming, and eating when I wanted to. My cousin came over and sewed with me which was nice; I didn't get lonely. And when she returned to her own cabin, I had the lovely solitude to enjoy again.

I put together these four quilt tops:

I made this bag:

I made over a dozen 12.5-inch blocks and 62 crumb blocks (scraps sewn together into 6.5-inch blocks). I read three books which have been reviewed in posts just before this one. Finished the 4th book upon my return home.

The lake shared with me its many moods; I rode on cousin's pontoon for a July 4th picnic.

That week was a perfect vacation and a highlight of my summer. I only missed having hubby with me, but alone time has its grand benefits as well. Ahhh..blood pressure was way down, I think.


Nann said...

What a heavenly week! Productive and re-energizing.

Louise said...

I didn't realize you were alone for most of your time at the cabin! Sounds a bit like my little "one woman retreat" a few weeks ago. I completely understand the appeal of a stretch of days all by yourself! Heavenly.

Sharon said...

That sounds like a heavenly retreat! I'm a little jealous. I need one of those!

Carol E. said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving comments! I'm sorry I'm so bad at return comments. I do appreciate your visits.

Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like pure heaven to me!!