Sunday, February 05, 2017

Oh, the Retreat!

I forgot to write about the retreat I went to recently. Every year in January my knitting group from church goes on a retreat. We are a very small group, so we fit in where the retreat center tells us to go. The first two years it was very, very cold, and other groups cancelled. That meant we got to move into a nicer building, which we loved. We had a great time.

Last year we were on retreat as the same time as the quilt guild from Hudson, WI. They told us we should come at the same time again this year, and request housing in their same building. So we did, and it worked out, and we had fun visiting each others' spaces and seeing what we all were working on. Plus, of the places to stay, we finally made it into the newest and nicest building. That was fun. We hope to do that again next year.

As a quilter who sometimes knits, I couldn't stand to do four days of just knitting, so I took along my sewing machine and did a little of both.

Below is L., our super-talented member. Aren't those lambs just the cutest? Next is A. who is willing to try all kinds of new techniques and learn all she can.

We knit and crochet prayer shawls for the prayer shawl ministry at church. I'm such a slow knitter, I decided to try a quilted prayer shawl. I don't know.. what do you think? I hope the minister likes it and that a recipient won't think it's too tiny as a quilt. It's about the same size as a yarn shawl, but doesn't drape the same way.. so maybe it should be a tad bigger? I'm not sure how it will go over.

My knitting/crocheting friends made me this lovely prayer shawl in honor and memory of my mom. How nice of them! I love it. It's red, my mom's favorite color.

Below -- most of our completed items; there were only four of us this year! I went to the quilt guild's Saturday night program which was a funny skit and then Show and Tell. My camera battery died, but I did snap a few beauties before that happened.

Next year we hope to be on the retreat at the same time as the Hudson quilters again. I expect I will take along my sewing machine again, in addition to my knitting. I hope I finish my current knitted prayer shawl before then. I have been working on it for about three years! That is long enough, don't you think?!


Anonymous said...

I love that your friends made you a prayer shawl in honor of you mother! What a beautiful gesture and a beautiful red shawl. Don't give up on your quilted prayer shawl idea. Remember there are all kinds of fabric wraps folks wear. I love what you did with the fringe on yours, too.

Carol E. said...

Goodnight, thanks for the encouragement!