Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My New Sewing Room

My adult children convinced me to re-do my sewing room -- drag everything out, clean the room, paint the walls, sort and put back in what I intend to use. Uffda! What a big job! The room used to be my daughter's, and when she was 16 she painted it blue with white puffy clouds on it. That was 20 years ago... it was due for a face lift.

I chose creamy yellow for the walls. I am so happy with my choice! I love it! Here is the room when I started moving back in. It was pristine and so neat. Since then I have continued to sort and move things back in. It is a little more "full" now.. and even has a mess or two here and there as I have resumed sewing. I'm trying hard to not let it turn into a post-tornado look. I want to honor the gift that my kids gave me: a newly-organized and beautiful sewing room.

Cleaning one's sewing room is a big motivator. I found projects I had forgotten about, and fabric and blocks I don't even remember ever owning. It is fun to get busy putting them together. Here are some of my projects since the renovation:

I need to explain this one. It's maybe kinda goofy, but I just couldn't toss it out. It is the practice run I made a few years ago when I was getting trained in how to use a computerized long arm machine... you can see the variety of quilting patterns I chose. This week I added the heart and bound it. I think some newborn baby will appreciate this. I hope it's not too goofy to actually use it as a quilt. Here's a close-up of some of the quilting:
The next three are headed to Quilts Beyond Borders.

I also made two pillowcases, with more pillowcases as well as an endless number of quilts in the works. As I write this post, my husband is in my sewing room installing a design wall for me. He's the best!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Enjoy your freshened up space -- I've been cleaning out as one of my rooms is due for an update within the next year and I don't want to find any ??? hiding in the corners. Lovely new color!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That soft yellow looks so nice and happy, like sunshine all day and night.

Anonymous said...

I like your sewing room makeover! I agree with Wanda who said it's like sunshine all day. Happy sewing!