Monday, February 20, 2017

Missing My Son

This morning our son left for his second tour of teaching English in South Korea. The first time he went, he stayed two years. This time, he has a specific plan for his life, and if things gel as he hopes during this year, he will come home in one year. If he needs more time for his plan, he will come home in two years.

I don't know why, because I wasn't a wreck like this the first time he left, but this time when he left, my heart just broke in two. I came home and sobbed! I already miss him so much. I am happy that he is excited and has a plan. But that doesn't help my heart that is hurting.

He posted this on Facebook. He has a beautiful soul.

The moon is set, while the sun still slumbers
That magical time in-between
I am the early bird.
A gentle song weaves
through the darkness
My time has finally come
to cut these strings.
I sip my last cup of tea
as I prepare to ride a great sky bird
to that special place
between greetings and goodbyes.

Sometimes being a mom is so difficult.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Yes, being a mom IS difficult.

Nann said...

I'm sure you miss him -- but what a wonderful adventure he's having! The son of a sorority sister is also teaching English in Korea. She presented a program at one of our meetings with a powerpoint he'd prepared. Fascinating cross-cultural experience.

Will you go for a visit?

BrendaLou said...

beautiful poem! He's a bird you raised....leaving the nest behind (and mom!) Natural to be sad, but proud at the same time. Hugs.

Carol E. said...

*might* visit.. depends on how long he stays, etc. BL, for sure - sad and proud.

Anonymous said...

That is a very loooooong distance between you and your son! And so soon after losing your mom. Such aches you have had to deal with. What a beautiful piece he wrote on his FB! Your hurting heart must surely show the measure of your love and hopes for him. And if you get to visit...YEA!