Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Good to be Home

I haven't written a normal "quilty news" post for a while! I've been busy living my life, I guess. This last weekend I went on a quilt retreat with my guild. We had a great time. I did this:

Does anyone recognize this as my Color Challenge quilt I was making a few years back when VFW was giving us a different color to work with each month (or was it every week)? I wanted to make mine a little bigger, so it sat waiting for me to get around to it. I finally did, but I'm still contemplating what to do next. I'd like a border of some kind, so it'll have to be patient a bit longer.

This is a top I started only a couple weeks ago. At the retreat I had to sew the columns together and add to it/cut it down as appropriate to make a consistent length. This quilt honestly was an attempt to use up some stash, which it did do, and do it quickly, which it also did do. Except I'm also not done with this one yet as I think it needs something more.. possibly a big applique of something to liven it up. This one, therefore, must also be patient.

This is another long-time-waiting quilt top. It's also not quite done, as I hope I have enough sashing fabric left to do the sashing and cornerstones around the perimeter. I must go on a fabric search in my sewing room.

The quilt below was made by another person in the guild, CH. I'm a big fan of hers. I love her work!!! The blocks were being worked on by.. someone else. I can't remember who.

I managed to read over half of a book (finished it yesterday) and also do some knitting. The only thing I didn't do at the retreat was sleep well. I am happy to be back home and sleeping in my own bed. There's nothing quite so restful.


Anonymous said...

Back home and a thunderstorm to boot! (Wed night) Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter!

BrendaLou said...

I found your blue and yellow strippy quilt facinating....I kept going back to the "owl eyes" near the center of your strips....perhaps you could build on them for an applique.