Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beautiful Saturday!

Wow, we have had some gorgeous spring weather this month!! Amazing! The first week in March was cold (sometimes below zero), and then suddenly spring arrived! People are walking around without jackets and are drunk on the warm sunshine. It was even warm enough to sit outside and read!

loving the blue sky

During our local guild's quilt show we always run a little store. It includes a small quilt auction. I have made a couple of them this weekend. I had these little sayings sitting around; I decided it was finally time to use them. The problem is, when I iron over them, the black ink smears all over. Arrgghh! The first one I was able to clean OK. The second one... disappointing!! I was being soooo careful not to iron directly on those letters. And then when I was almost done, I guess I got excited about it and forgot about that need to be careful, and I ironed a big smear into it. So, the picture of that one shows it soaking in the bathroom, hopefully to emerge clean (crossing my fingers). I won't be able to quilt and bind that one until it dries.

And today is extreme Pi Day (3.1415)!! Happy Pi Day!!

Tomorrow, be sure to register for this year's Hands 2 Help Challenge. The button is in my sidebar. Sign-ups start tomorrow, 3/15.

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