Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday Books: My Ideal Bookshelf

I bought a beautiful book at my sister's bookstore. The art work alone lured me in, but it's also very much fun to look through and read in bits and pieces.

My Ideal Bookshelf, edited by Thessaly La Force, art by Jane Mount -- it asks several writers, artists, architects, photographers, etc., to list "the books that made you you" - your favorite book, the book that changed your life, the best book you ever read, the book that you love the most, etc.

Here's the beautiful cover, the back, and an example of a writer's ideal bookshelf. This happens to be the bookshelf of Dave Eggers.

I was very excited to discover this page - a chance for me to create and share my own Ideal Bookshelf. Too cool! I'm definitely going to work on this and will share it here when I'm done.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Verrrry interesting!

Betty said...

Hi Carol,
I wrote about that book in June, 2013. Here it is:
I was enthralled with the idea, but not so much with the execution of the idea.