Monday, March 23, 2015

A Surprise Gift, and a Question

A while ago I signed up at Julie S.'s Facebook offer for a free gift. It was a Pay It Forward deal, where I then also offered gifts to people who signed up at mine. I put it out of my mind for a while until I received a surprise package. Look at the cool stuff she sent me! A beautifully covered journal, and some home-made fabric notecards. I love this kind of stuff!

Now I have to think about what I will make and send to my sign-up folks.

Here is my question:
See my tabs up at the top that say "Quilts Finished in 2014" and "Books I Love" ?? I made two more new pages for 2015, but for some reason they are not showing up. Unless, mysteriously, they show up on your views and not on mine!? Do you see a tab called "Quilts Finished in 2015" and "Knitting 2015"? If so, please let me know. I have done everything I can think of to make them publish publicly, and I still can't see them on the blog. I can only see them in the area where I create and edit them. Where are they hiding?? If anyone knows what I can do, please advise.


Patricia said...

Sorry--but the tabs are not showing up ---- at least not on my computer.

Jeanne said...

Maybe try this:
Go to your Blogger Layout

Your blog's diagram will appear

Click on the Pages gadget

You should see a checklist of "Pages to Show"

Check the boxes of your new ones so they will start appearing

Hope this helps!

Quiltdivajulie said...

SO glad you love the PIF items!

Sorry - I cannot see your new tabs.

Paula, the quilter said...

I can't see the new tabs either.

goodnightgram said...

Tabs not visible in my view either.mI don't use blogger, but it looks like someone offered a suggestion. Saw a cute giraffe at a thrift store yesterday. The body of it was a very small bank, with the slot on the giraffe's back and a piece that slid out from underneath for easy access to the coins!