Sunday, March 02, 2014

What Time is it in Korea?

Have you been wondering why I have a clock on my sidebar showing the current time in Seoul, South Korea? My son is moving to South Korea to teach English there for one year! He will not be in Seoul(he'll be south of Seoul), but South Korea has only one time zone. He tells me “it’s 9 hours behind, tomorrow.” The visual reminder is easier for me. He will now be a mere 6,000 miles away, more or less.

Son is moving there tomorrow, Monday (March 3) and will start teaching right away. The school year has already begun, but he will have missed only a day or two, as I understand it. I am praying that he has a wonderful adventure, learns a lot about the world and about himself, and has a very happy year. He he is going there with a great attitude and energy to devote to the job, so I’m confident it will be good for him in many ways.

I'm happy that he came up with a plan for himself and something that he is very enthusiastic about. He worked hard to make this happen. And he’s in the right stage in his life to take off and have an adventure. More power to him! And may he remember to keep in touch with his mom.


Anonymous said...

What an exciting adventure for your son! I hope he remembers to keep in touch with you too.

Jan said...

Actually, I was wondering and scratching my head about that clock. Thanks for the info. and best of luck to your son. I'm sure he'll have great adventures.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to visit while he is there. My daughter did the English teaching thing in Japan and loved it. I got to visit and really enjoyed having a personal tour guide.

I'd always thought I'd try teaching English somewhere when I retired, but I haven't done it.