Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Daze

It's been a whirlwind of activity around here. My mom, as you may recall, has been in and out of the hospital. They finally got a diagnosis: Palindromic Rheumatism, which means sudden onset of joint pain and swelling. She kept having these attacks which came out of nowhere and seemed to go away just as mysteriously. We were relieved when they finally got a diagnosis. Apparently it's a fairly rare condition.

In addition to that, they found tumors on her ovary. At first they said it looked benign, but the oncologist thinks it is cancerous. There are also spots on her liver, so they are going to biopsy the liver spots. (They won't biopsy the ovarian tumors because of fear of spreading it into other parts of her abdomen.) The biopsy is today; we have several days to wait for results, and then we'll see.

As Mom is 93 years old, I'm sure she won't choose much treatment for cancer, IF she has cancer. But we need to wait and see what her options are. I don't want to jump the gun, but it sure is a weird and scary thought that my elderly mother may have cancer.

The other thing happening to me is that I have been the victim of Identity Theft. What a pain in the everything! It requires so many phone calls and changing things around and filling out forms and watching this and watching that. Ugh. Thank you, Low Life Hacker Person, whoever you are. Get a life.

I have also been sewing, through all the "stuff" going on; it keeps me sane. I am working on a quilt top. It is made of a block design that I might have made up. I don't know, really. I put these pieces together, years ago, and named it "Minnesota Nice," as I didn't know if it was already a true block design or not. It certainly could be, as it is traditional parts just put together... anyway, I lost my drawing of "Minnesota Nice" until just recently. I was happy when I found it, because I'd wondered over the years what it was and how it would look in multiples. Here it is in progress. I have a couple more rows to go. It's going to be a little bigger than the usual kid quilts I make. Not sure yet where this one will go.

Husband has been super busy doing two jobs, and winter seems never-ending. This morning it was 11 degrees F, and yesterday it snowed. Yesterday there was a 61-car pile-up due to the snow and slippery conditions. Happy Spring, Minnesota!

A quilt I finished recently:


Anne Simonot said...

Oh my I love that Scrappy Trips quilt. Beautiful! Makes me want to go start another one.. just like yours.

Anonymous said...

Ironically I had just read a medical article about palindromic rheumatism. I am sorry to hear about the tumors they found on you mom's ovary. Prayers and good thoughts going her way and yours. And the hacker? That's just NOT NICE!!!! Sorry to hear about that, too. You have had a lot on your plate!