Monday, March 10, 2014

My Mom is 93

We had a fun weekend celebrating my mom's 93rd birthday and my niece's birthday. Sister from NY came, so the three sisties were together which is always fun.

Our bro from KY couldn't make it.

Here's Mom:

and other family members... I guess I mostly snapped the little kids and missed a few people in my shots (bummer):

H with his legs straight up in the air.. funny boy. That's the quilt I made for his sister.

and a quilty treat for you.. this beauty hangs in my mom's church. It was made by a former pastor's sister:


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to your mom! You resemble her a lot. Looks like a great birthday celebration.

Jan said...

What a great get together. Happy Birthday to your Mom! My mom will be 93 in December, but she stopped recognizing us about 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to your mom, and the kids are adorable. (The big people aren't bad looking either.)