Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quilt Show - First Glimpse

Our guild's quilt show started yesterday, so I ran over to get my first glimpse at it.

First quilts you see as you enter the museum and then enter the display itself:

Our friend, D., who died in February, made this wonderful Harry Potter quilt, and the one next to it is a tribute to her grandmother. I'll get a picture of that one later.

Below: I like how they decorated with umbrellas to fit our theme of "A Shower of Quilts."
Some beautiful machine quilting on this piece!

Recognize my bookshelf and then my Teeny Tiny one made out of teeny tiny scraps?

I've never been crazy about crazy quilts, but I like this modern take on it. And there's my scrap Trip quilt.

Below: My friend, M., made this fabulous outdoor scene quilt, with some 3-D pieces. All those items on the clothesline stand out from the background, in a 3-D way. Wow!
K. made this scrap one using a pattern out of the book "Sunday Morning Quilts." Those pieces are really small!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It's just one after the other of intriguing work! I recognized your bookshelf right away!

BrendaLou said...

How long does the show stay up? I'd love to see it

Kathy said...

The show looks great! I love the tribute to Dixie!

joe tulips said...

A perfect post for this morning. We don't have school and I could slowly go through and admire each quilt! The minute I saw it I thought "the book quilt!"