Saturday, September 10, 2011

This and That

Son's first Easter, 1987

Today is our son's 25th birthday! Happy Birthday, Son! You have been a joy for 25 years. A mom couldn't be happier. In fact, I'll come right out and say it... you are my favorite son!

Also today our nephew is getting married in New York state. We couldn't make it to the wedding. I hope they are having a blast! 9/10/11... they have an easy anniversary to remember, unless they move out of the country and then it will be 10/9/11.

I have been putting off some duties that I need to address very soon. It's my lame attempt at postponing the inevitable: super-busy fall. My calendar is already packed. I'm supposed to be recruiting people to help with a couple of activities at church, and I hate doing that. Plus, if I start recruiting, it means we have to start meeting, organizing, and getting to work. Nooo! I'm not ready for that!!

So I've been doing lots of other stuff in my attempt to ignore the future.

Last night Charles and I went to see "The Help" and then went out for dinner. Date night! It's a rare thing around here. We really enjoyed the movie. I'd seen it before but wanted to see it again. Tomorrow we are going to see another movie! This is doubly unheard of. But that's one of the things we gave our son for his birthday: a trip with Mommy and Daddy to the movies. We're going to see "Contagion." Matt Damon... easy on the eyes!

I spent umpteen hours creating a Christmas gift for a family member. Crazy me! I had plenty of time but sat up til 2:00 and 3:00 AM working on this thing over the last couple of days. I'm nuts, but I finished the project and love it.

This year's A-Z reading challenge is almost done. I decided to read by author, A-Z (not in order). The only letter I have left to read is X, and that book is in my Kindle, waiting for me to choose it. So far I have read 38 books, even though there are only 26 letters in the alphabet. I doubled up on many of them and even read 4 of one letter! It's so much fun keeping track of what I have read. It helps keep me challenged and on track.

Ten years ago on 9/11 I was interpreting in a college class. The teacher kept coming out of his office where he had the radio going, telling us what was happening. I didn't believe it and thought he had grossly misunderstood something. It was scary, and too big to accept. Sadly, I found out soon enough that he was correct. RIP, dear 9/11 victims. We will never forget you.


Beth said...

Happy Birthday to your son...25? gosh you are old momma! he he!

See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your favorite son and many more as well. Congrats on finishing a Christmas gift so early! Are we goning to see pix of it, or would that blow the surprise for the recipient?

Sextant said...

On 9-11, I was at work and the Internet went down in the plant. People were gathered around radios and it seemed every few minutes something worse would be reported. The fear and rumors ratcheted upward when we got the report of Flight 93 crashing in nearby Somerset. Terrible, terrible day.