Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bring a Bag Lunch

I've been sewing things to sell at our church boutique. I'll need to perfect my system on lunch bags, or I'll have to charge $35 per bag to pay for the labor I've sunk into these things. This one took me several hours, and almost every step required ripping out and re-doing at least once. And did I think to write down the correct steps so that it could be streamlined the next time? Well, yes I thought about it. That's as far as I got with the writing project.

After all the laborious hours, I ended up with a lunch bag that I love! Isn't it cute? (she said humbly)

Last night at quilt guild I turned in a couple quilts that I made for Bundles of Love. Here's the newer one (I showed the other one here a while back ... nothing exciting). Diane quilted this for me in beautiful, neon green thread. So cute. And I forgot to photograph the back which was a pretty green and yellow leaf pattern.

Later today: more lunch bags will go into production. I hope I don't lose track of my seam ripper.


Beth said...

If you don't charge $35 I will probably buy one! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

I like your lunch bag! Good luck with the sales.

JeannetteLS said...

Terrific lunch bags, Carol. Your THOUGHT of writing down the steps made me laugh. When I am painting, because I'm a beginner, I experiment with different papers for different effects. Do you think--I mean, I AM a writer by trade--that I would write down what I've done when it works? Nope. So every painting is a brand new adventure.
Good luck at the church... and with remembering the successful steps. (Nice "talking" with you.)

Pattilou said...

I love your lunch bag. Very cute and practical too!

Nettie said...

Very cute! Now, for the notes on how to make it... I had a "zipper redo" on a project bag... well, several 'redos' geesh. After the # I've put in, you think I would make some notes... I guess you could say 'live and learn" or not. Keep on sewing.

Great opening blog photo btw.