Thursday, September 01, 2011

Employment News

unemployed love birds

Charles was laid off but given a month's notice. So all through the month of August he continued to work while knowing they had decided he was "expendable." That may not be the way they would word it, but when one gets laid off, that's how it feels.

Yesterday was his last day of work. The worker bees, as I call them, the ones who do the work and know how valuable Hubby's help was, took him out for lunch. They gave him a Thank You card in which each person had written a small note. It was a wonderful tribute to his work and how much they had relied on his help. The card made me cry! I'm glad they showed their appreciation.

So Charles is now unemployed, except that they have agreed that he will go into his previous office on a consultant basis one day a week. So he does have a fraction of an income. We'll see what else he can round up.

I have some job news as well. I got a new job! I will be a video relay interpreter, the connecting voice between two parties who otherwise could not communicate via telephone. I am excited, but part of me is scared! This is a different arena from where I spent my career (education) so it is going to feel strange. I have a lot to learn. The new job starts in a couple of weeks.

I like that I will be working in the field in which I was trained and spent my career (interpreting) rather than the odd, random jobs I had found for myself last year (scoring standardized tests, for example). I plan to continue doing substitute interpreting in the schools as well, if they want and need me.

Having some decent jobs makes me feel good that I can contribute to the family finances. Charles will find more to fill his days, too, I am sure. I am confident in his abilities. For now we are both unemployed, but not worried. We'll make this work by hook or by crook.


Beth said...

I was wondering if you had heard anything from that interview! Congrats!

Sextant said...

I am very sorry to hear about your husband's layoff. The psychology of holding a job or career is very complex and our reactions to losing them can be devastating. I decided to retire this time last year and I went into a 8 month swoon over it. Today is the fourth Month-a-versary of my retirement and I love it. But...I could see where some may not.

Good luck on your new job and I hope your husband can find something else that he will find rewarding both financially and in job satisfaction.

Sextant said...


I think I fixed my message status.

Try it.

True Blue Nana said...

You do what you have to do. I hate it for your husband. Good luck to both of you.

AnnieO said...

I know you said before that Charles has been laid off previously in his career but I can't help but be glad he is retaining some employment where he is appreciated!

Good luck in your new job--it sounds interesting, if not too scary :)

BrendaLou said...

You both are very valuable people...know that you are loved and appreciated! Your new job sounds like a perfect fit...knowledge combined with a deeply caring heart helping two people who could not otherwise communicate. Hugs for you both!