Wednesday, June 02, 2010


We have a staff meeting every Thursday, and we take turns bringing treats.. usually donuts or bagels. The woman whose turn it was this week just moved and has a lot of work to take care of at home, so I volunteered to bring treats. I decided since it was one of my last staff meetings, I'd like to bring some home-made stuff as a thank-you to my colleagues for being such a great team to work with.

I made cinnamon rolls tonight but kind of burned them. Rats! I might make a frosting to put on them to hide the burn. Do you think that will work??

I also made a pan of pecan bars. I'm lucky they are not burned to a crisp, because I forgot to set the timer and let them sit in the oven way beyond what the recipe said. They look fine... I don't know.. will they taste strange?

I plan to get up tomorrow morning and make a batch of muffins. Maybe they'll still be warm when I get to work.

Later tomorrow, when I get a chance to dash to the post office, I will mail these two quilts to New York. They are for a program that is providing quilts for formerly-homeless people who are moving into a new home. You can read about it on the Bumble Beans Basics Quilt Gather button on my sidebar.


Anonymous said...

C: You should do what my mother did EVERY morning when I was a kid: scrape off the burnt part and serve! You're getting down to the end of the countdown. Enjoy!

Nettie said...

Wish I was at YOUR staff meeting. Yummy.

Pat said...

Now that is the kind of cinnamon roll I would go for first--the crunchy kind. When I was 10, I started slicing bread at my dad's bakery and of course there were always the crusty ends that fell off into the slicer tray at the bottom. The big ones I ate when finsihed slicing bread--and I learned to just crave hard dry bread! I've been known to put rolls in the oven and leave them til crisp, plop on some real butter and SAVOR!

Love your finished quilts! You have such an artistic flair!

Anonymous said...

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