Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blocks, a Bag, and a Book

I spent today making blocks for Sunshine's Block Lotto. I do enjoy making blocks, because then I have a hand in creating a quilt, but I don't have to do every step. When I need to do the whole process it goes pretty slowly. I like the creative process that comes at the beginning (the blocks), but am not as fond of the finishing steps that are at the end. So making blocks is a lot of fun. The woman we send these to (hi, Tammy) is sooo creative and makes them into gorgeous, cuddly quilts! I'm one of her many fans.

June blocks: pink and green

July blocks: novelties (Can you see the construction trucks and hard hats?)

For those of you who may have contributed to my retirement gift certificate, I want you to see what I bought: this rolling bag. I love it! It is designed to fit a Featherweight (FW) sewing machine, plus a little extra room for fabrics. It has lots of pockets and is easy to roll around. I don't own a FW, but occasionally I borrow my mom's. And this will come in handy for all those quilt retreats I intend to frequent now in my free time (retirement). If I'm not hauling a FW, I can still fill it up with my projects and get them to and fro very easily.

The front pocket opens all the way so one can easily slide a FW in. That stretchy holder in the back will hold a small cutting mat.

What a pretty day we had today! Not much sun, but it was comfortably cool, and I sat on our deck in a nice little breeze, reading a good book. It was cool enough for no bugs, and I was not hot and uncomfortable sitting outside. Heavenly!

Today's workout? So far, nothing! Yike-a-doodles!


2miracles/Tove said...

Love you blocks, the pink and green are my favortie.
You have a nice blog thanks for sharing somany things. Enjoy retirement!

Tammy said...

and I'm a big fan of you, Carol! Great blocks, can't wait to see them.

Anonymous said...

What a great purchase with the retirement gift certificate. That looks pretty handy. Very nice. And I love the pink and green blocks, but that's only because I lean toward those colors myself. I love to look at your projects.

AnnieO said...

Great summery looking blocks in the pink and green. Excellent piecing work there! I like the construction fabric ones too.

Yike-a-Doodles? That's a new one on me, LOL!

BrendaLou said...

I have a red Tutto also! I use it as my airplane carry on too.