Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Good Tuesday

friends enjoying a long lunch and lots of chit chat

Life has been busy, even though the school year came to an end. My summer is jam packed with events, so it'll probably be this way for the next couple of months.

Today, however, is a take-it-easy day. Feels great! I am trying to be sensible right off the bat. I went to bed and got up at my normal times. I could SO easily slide into the habit of staying up until 2:00 a.m., but I don't want to do that to myself. We'll see.

After I got up I kind of dawdled around, wondering what to do.. so I decided to clean the kitchen. Then I went out for a walk. I hope I can convince myself to do this kind of routine regularly. I am going to post my daily walks or work-outs here, in hopes that it helps me stay on track. (I've done this before, and it didn't help. Maybe I'll turn over a new leaf.)

Over the weekend I was busy spending time with my Georgia pal who surprised me and showed up at my retirement party. That was sooo nice, and fun to see her again. On Saturday we went out for a late lunch with mutual friends, and stayed at our table chatting for four hours!

Sunday I had church, then attended a retirement party; enjoyed some fun laughs there. And on Monday it was more time with Miss Georgia and other friends. I was lucky to have so many social events over the last few days, drawing out my celebrations and joining in with others. It has been a blast.

Now I'm going to do a little more diddling around the house, will do some reading and some sewing! What a great Tuesday!

Today I walked about a mile and a half.


Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like my Tuesday, except . . . replace the sewing with knitting . . . and that little oral surgery thingy. Enjoy your Wednesday, too!

AnnieO said...

Happy times to celebrate the end of your working life--that's terrific. I agree with your plan to try to keep regularish hours--and your activity level up. Better for endorphins, right?

Tammy said...

Carol, I've been using dailymile.com to track my workouts. I love it, it's kinda set up like facebook.

There are charts that show how much walking (or whatever) that you've done. People are very supportive.

Julie Sharer said...

How fun it's been to come home and read your blog about retirement! I'm so glad I was there to share in the fun. The 3 or 4 hour lunch was great, and the trip to Emily's bakery...well, priceless! My bag is UNpacked and I'm ready to go...er, stay! LOL! Hugs!!