Sunday, June 20, 2010

Patches and Scraps

I am on a roll! I got my quilting mojo on, and it has been FUN! Zoom, zoom.. I just kept going all weekend long.

I have been playing with blue scraps. At least they're supposed to be blue; some other colors sneaked in there. And I'm playing "Copy Tammy's Borders" with the border I have in progress.

I'm also playing the "9-Patch Project" game. Make one 9-patch every day during the summer. I have finished all 30 for the month of June. Here they are - ta-da!

It was a lovely Father's Day- beautiful weather, a laid-back day. Hubby and I did our thing, individually.. sounds crazy, but we are within shouting distance of each other, especially when I'm standing at the iron, so we still get to talk, even though we're operating in different rooms.

He does computer stuff, and I sew. We're both happy.

He went to visit his dad this afternoon. I waved at mine who is up in Heaven.

So far it has been a sew-sew summer (translation: GREAT)!
Today I walked 2 miles.


Jill said...

sounds grand :) love your creations!

Nanci said...

I need some of your energy or MOJO, as I'm not feeling to quilty these days.
Love that nine patch...very unique.

julieQ said...

Such gorgeous nine patches! Great job keeping up the walking...and I bet your Dad saw you waving.

Anonymous said...


crazypatch dreamer said...

Great 9-patch blocks...I'm inspired now to do this project. I have an ongoing shoe box that I add the component squares to each time I cut up scraps & it's overflowing. My dad's in heaven too, joined there by mom a few years ago. Louise