Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yay! I'm Alive!

What a week! I was sick, took Tuesday off work, thought I was getting better, but Whammo! It came back at double the force and I was miserable from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning.

Friday I decided to have the doctor check me out, in case I had something that could be treated with antibiotics. I was on my way to a quilt retreat and thought it would be good to get some meds, if I could. Couldn't, though. She said my lungs were clear and I just had a doozie of a cold. I apologize to the other retreat attenders... having to listen to me cough all weekend. I'm sure it wasn't pleasant for them.

The good news is, I feel loads better today (Sunday), and I'm home again which feels great, too. I'm alive again! I got a lot done at the retreat, so I'm glad I went. Remember my HSTs?? DONE! Attached to quilt! WooHoo, big celebration on my part! That one will soon be in the hands of a long-arm quilter and shortly after that will be on my bed!

Here are some more tops I got done or nearly done. Notice anything strange about this first one? You are right, it has a "broken right arm." I ran out of fabric I was using for the border and will have to figure out how to fix this little problem. These blocks, by the way, were all gifts to me over a couple of years. While I hosted an on-line block lotto, some of the participants sent me gift blocks along with their official entries. Wasn't that nice of them? So this quilt will definitely be one I keep for myself.

This blue one is also a result of a block lotto. I won these! Aren't they just beautiful? They make a nice wintery-looking quilt. I am contemplating adding a border to make it a little larger. Then... keep? Donate? Haven't decided.

This is my first-ever Irish Chain. I love it! This was made from fabrics I got free and promised myself I would donate this quilt. So once I get it bordered and quilted, off it will go to a child somewhere. And I do plan on making another Irish Chain at some point. They are fun to do and turn into something great almost by magic!

All of these were UFOs, sitting on my shelf for years, waiting to turn into these beautiful quilts. Why did I make them wait so long? Now I'm very excited to have them getting close to done. Like me, they finally feel alive. :-)


Elaine Adair said...

Despite your illness, you sure have posted a LOT of great quilts - each one is better than the previous. The tilted one is my favorite.

Regarding R x R - when our guild made them, because most of the rows were sorta different widths, we each added background or something appropriate to each end to bring them each to the appropriate width. That made the rows look interesting also, but that's not going to solve your broken arm problem. I'm going to be watching to see what clever solution to come up with. Be sure to post it, please?

Katie said...

Glad you are feeling better!

I made a list of all my UFOs today. Yikes. Now to get busy.

Heather said...

Wow, those are all just beautiful, Carol, but that first one is a real stunner! So glad you're feeling better. Pretty amazing how much you got done, despite feeling under the weather. ;o)

anne bebbington said...

Love the colours in that first blue/green quilt - glad you're on the mend

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

well, look at all that progress, must cofess to a preference for the tilted one, but all great. Pleased you are all better, tracey

Darcie said...

"LOVING YOUR SAMPLER, CAROL!!!" says the longarmer.

So...swirly, eh? What do you think about some FreehandFancyFeathers? ;-) Hmm?

I'll await your reply before stitching that first stitch. Can't wait!!!