Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let it Snow!

I have been working on a project for Tonya's on-line winter class. I got my top put together, but might do some frog stitching and change a couple of things. If you want to see what people are working on, check out this blog (my assembled top isn't posted there yet):


I tried to post a photo and was told I had used up my allotted space, so now I have to figure out what that means.

My two+ week old cold is finally leaving, ever so slowly. I still cough a little but am feeling almost normal. Can't sing, though. Good thing I'm not scheduled to sing a solo.... in fact, that's always a good thing. I'm not a soloist!

Happy winter! (We're going to get snow overnight. Yippeee!)


sewprimitive karen said...

Hope you feel better so you can enjoy the snowfall. Heavens, do we have space limits??

Paula, the quilter said...

I checked some of your photos in your recent posts and they are huge!! You need to find a way to resize the photos to a smaller format (300x600 pixels or so). Photoshop Elements will do the job. HTH

Heather said...

I use the HP Image Zone that came with my computer to resize, then I open them in Paint and resize them even further. lol I'm no tecchie, but it seems to do the trick. Pictures load faster, too. Might be worth a try?

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and getting me back online! lol I've been so busy lately, I've hardly had any computer time. I did go see the picture link you posted through the group messages. It was SO great seeing "my" panels being used in quilts for such a good cause. So much better than sitting around in my stash! Keep up the great work! ;o)

Well, thanks again. Wish I could email you some of those Spritz cookies! hehe