Monday, November 05, 2007

Look What I Did!

Just a couple of days ago I was shocked that November had already started. Today I wrapped some Christmas gifts! What got into me? I like to start my shopping early, but I usually don't wrap this early. I'll tell you what got into me. I was telling myself to do some house cleaning, and my other brain half would have nothing to do with that, so it found something fun to distract myself with. That is the truth!

I did manage to do a couple loads of laundry, so now I need to fold the clothes and get to bed. As usual, I have stayed up too late. Waaaah! I have a night owl body and an early morning job. Not fair!


Clare said...

Christmas has crept up very quickly. The shops here are already full of toys and the garden centres have got the Christmas decorations in. for some reason Halloween in France was forgotten about in the Christmas rush!

mereth said...

I haven't even thought about Christmas yet, I'm not that organised. Glad your Mum's better.