Sunday, November 11, 2007

A UFO Almost Done!

Yesterday and today I worked on this UFO. I have had most of the orientals-fabric blocks for a couple of years. They are from a block swap thing we did in my guild. The smaller blocks were given to me by a friend 3 or 4 years ago. I made seven blocks to fill this out, added the sashings, and here it is, almost a completed top.

I did put some pieces together upside down. I want the lower right corner basket to be in that orientation, but the whole middle part is upside down, making a hummingbird and several flowers all upside down. So I want to fix what I sewed in the wrong direction. Also, I am going to find more of the dark blue (I hope) and make a final border all around. I think I have seen this fabric out in the stores, so I'm hoping I can get some today and finish this up in time to give it to my long arm quilter on Tuesday at guild.

Making progress on UFOs feels fantastic!

Thanks for the nice notes on my previous post about the table runner I wasn't happy with. Maybe you are right and someone will like it enough to bid on it. I'll finish the binding soon and give it to my guild.

I'm still working away on green/blue HSTs and need to give those a little more attention with the rest of my weekend.


Heather said...

What a great feeling to make progress on a UFO! And this one is going to be just beautiful, too.

I always enjoy seeing what you're working on, Carol. It gets me inspired to dig in myself. lol Thanks for sharing!

Meredith said...

Way to go. Nothing like working on a UFO. I have found it can get me pumped up to continue quilting.

Clare said...

Working on an UFO gives one a sense of achievement. Thanks for sharing.

ForestJane said...

Ah - that quilt turned out great. I hate ripping things out, but I almost always like the finished quilt better when I DO set things right, even if I'm the only one that would ever see the 'mistake'. :)

I like your little table runner too! I think it'd be great for a mardi gras celebration, something about the yellows and purples, maybe? It'd also be good for an adult's birthday celebration, where you want to look festive but without kid's themes of bunnies, superheroes, ballerinas, etc.