Sunday, February 10, 2019

Another Find from MIL

When cleaning out my mother-in-law's home, this old apron was found. This is my daughter when she was about eight (that would be 30 years ago)! I had forgotten all about the apron. Isn't it cute?! Obviously, Grandma used the apron; it has splatters all over it. I'm not sure if I try to wash it what would happen to the computerized photo. After all, it was created 30 years ago, and who knows how wash-proof it may be!? Does anyone have any ideas before I experiment?

I wasn't intending to use the apron myself but to give it to my daughter. I will still do that, but today, since it is snowing and snowing and snowing (again), I decided to make chocolate chip cookies. And I wore the apron.

After I think about how to clean it, I will give it to my daughter.


Quiltdivajulie said...

What a marvelous gift - then AND now. Perhaps it should be gifted wit MIL's splatters intact rather than trying to wash them away ...

Louise said...

How fun! I'm guessing if the food spatters didn't dissolve the ink, water won't either. Is there any evidence of fading? Surely your MIL must have washed a few times, too?