Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Win at the Library!

This year I joined an adult Winter Reads program at my local county library. It only runs for two months (January and February), and it even ends before the month of Feb. ends, so I am not able to enter my final February book review (see previous post). I guess that's OK. It was a bad review, and I feel bad posting a negative one, although I do like to be honest. I only posted three reviews, because the book I read in January was over 700 pages long and took me the whole month to read. Well, I will join again next year and will maybe read a lot of short books in January and February.

As a member of the Winter Reads program I was eligible to win a prize, and I won! I thought I'd get something like a mug. I was right! I won a mug! However, it was full of pens, pencils, a Caribou Coffee gift card, and an ice scraper. AND.. drum roll.. I got to pick five books off a packed book cart - FREE! Oh, I was so excited! I got some great ones. Here is a picture of my wonderful prize.

Enough talking! I'm going to go read!

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Claire said...

What fun! Awaiting five reviews.:-)