Saturday, October 28, 2017

Small Pieces

I bought a book of scrap quilt patterns (I love scrappy). I can't find the book, but I have been working on a block pattern which I got from the book before misplacing it. The scrap pieces are 2" x 3.5". Today I made 7 of these blocks. In the picture I included the random scrappy block that I made a while back. Since then I have been making them of one color at a time. It wouldn't be necessary, and I don't know if I will always do it that way. The pattern in the book was a big quilt, made of zillions of these blocks, all randomly colored. I have 16 blocks made so far. This is a long-term project.

Remember several months ago I talked about having found a pattern called Controlled Chaos? That pattern consists of twenty blocks, all made of 2-inch squares. Today I made the green and blue block. These are fun, and I hope I get back to this project more quickly next time, otherwise this quilt will take me several years to finish.

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Karen's Quilts from Cape Town said...

Hi Carol, I like what you've done with the rectangles.. hmm, food for thought! I joined you in making the Controlled Chaos blocks, it was the best fun for ages! They languish now until I have time to assemble them. Cheers, Karen