Sunday, May 22, 2016

Almost Perfect Again

Saturday was another perfect day. What glorious weather we have enjoyed this week!

Well... my first event wasn't perfect. I had to attend a funeral..a church friend's husband died of Alzheimers. Sad, but it was a lovely service.

Then I went to a park in Minneapolis to attend the first-ever Little Free Library event. They had books to share, people building LFLs, music, people reciting poetry, free haircuts with free books, and lots of other activities that I probably overlooked. I picked up a few good books for our LFL at church. And I bumped into D. who works at the Little Free Library organization, and I also knew her when she was in high school, and I worked at her school.

and beautiful Minnehaha Falls.

I walked all over the park, enjoyed a good lunch from a food truck, and walked even more to get to and from my car. I had parked ridiculously far away, but the exercise was good for me.

After all that, I went over to the LFL that I steward, added the new books I picked up at the park event, and set up these chairs and the plant. I hope they don't "walk off." I'm putting my faith in my fellow human beings.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great event. I didn't realize there was an organization behind LFLs, though I guess I should have. We had one outside my apartment, but it got toppled before I got a photo. I see others on my bus route, but don't get off to use them since it would mean waiting for another bus, even frequent service buses.

Nor did I realize that each LFL has a steward.

Interesting.Hope "mine" gets restored.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Our son and DIL have the first LFL in Memphis (there are lots of others now, but they were the instigators). It is fun to watch neighbors stop and browse when they're walking their dogs. And one family "plants" a book for their elderly mother to "find" when they take her for a walk on Sunday afternoons (DIL and son are in on their 'scheme' and think it is very special).

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a fun event! Love the Vike Bike. I like the touches you added to your LFL. I also appreciate what Quiltdivajulie wrote about the family that "plants' a book for their elderly mother to find. Such a kind idea.